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The Biggest Casinos In Asia

The Asian continent sees its passion for gambling confirmed year after year by offering some of the largest and most beautiful gaming establishments in the world. Most of them can be found in Macao, the former Portuguese colony returned to Beijing in 1999 which is still to this day the only place in China where you can play in casinos. This city is indeed the only one authorized to offer gambling, which remains the main resource of its economy. We offer you a brief overview of the giants in this Asian market and are happy to serve as your guide on this occasion.

The Biggest Casinos In Asia

But Singapore is also a city that is starting to get a piece of the pie and in turn is building up luxury complexes including casinos, restaurants, hotels and upscale shops. Today we present to you the biggest casinos in Asia by revealing all their secrets to you. You will find that most of them are indeed on the Macau side for the most part.

The Venetian In Macau

It is considered the first casino in the world and was elected as such by Forbes magazine. While it was inaugurated in 2007 by the Las Vegas Sand group, the architectures were mainly inspired by the city of Venice and the figurehead of the group of billionaire Sheldon Adelson was one of the first super resorts, after the Grand Waldo, to open on the Cotai Strip. If it is among the most popular Asian casinos, it is quite simply because it has more than 3000 slot machines but also 870 gaming tables, 24 restaurants and no less than 3000 hotel rooms! The Venitian casino also has a very large conference room and a sumptuous performance hall that can accommodate 15,000 people.

Marina Bay Sands In Singapore

It’s still Sheldon Adelson, who we just talked about above, who is the head of this casino on our list. The Marina Bay Sands has had a separate hotel complex into three 55-story hotels since it officially opened in 2010. Casinos in Asia owe a lot to it, especially when you see that it took $ 8 billion to spend. investment for this establishment therefore offering 2,600 rooms, 1,400 slot machines and 1,000 gaming tables. Among the non-standard features of this casino, we can find a swimming pool on the roof of the hotel with an overflow of 146 meters, considered as the longest swimming pool in a Casino, and gratifying you with the presence of a museum in form. from Lotus which opened in 2011.

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